Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Wise words from little e

Haa Hoo

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Baby Brain Moment No.2

I filled the car up with diesel, no worries here, it is a diesel car.
Used the pay at pump option.
Remembering I was planning a business trip within the next week.
Pressed the "print receipt" button to obtain a receipt so I could claim back expenses.
No receipt.
Pressed the "print receipt" button for the second time ... No receipt.
Decided to give up and go home. I will have to claim without a receipt.

At home, a few hours later, my Fabulous Boyfriend commented that the petrol cap on my car was open, and I needed to check that some gypo had not come along and syphoned off my fuel.

Open? How did that happen? Turns out I was so focused on printing a receipt I had forgotten to shut the petrol cap. I then drove home, parked, locked the car. Walked past the petrol cap, and still did not notice it was open.

My Fabulous Boyfriend just shook his head and tutted ... "I don't know how you do it" he said.
"Neither do I" I responded.

St george's day

The pub up the road is having a party. The daddy took little e out on his smart-trike to have a look when they got home this evening. Little e thought it looked so good he cried when the daddy would not let him play on the bouncy castle.

Anyway, it's 5hours later and gone 11 o'clock. The live band is still playing loud enough to drown out my i-pod pillow and i'm wondering how to get to sleep.

My fabulous boyfriend pointed out they must be playing british music tonight.
"english you mean" i said,
"you would have thought so on st georges day, but i definitely heard them playing the steriophonics earlier" he commented.
"so much for a quiet village location"

Friday, 16 April 2010

Once you are in ... you are in!

I went for my pneumonia vaccination on Tuesday. I started phoning the doctors in March to book the appointment for the beginning of April only be bombarded with questions and comments from the receptionist like

"there is no such thing as a pneumonia booster!"
"have you had one before? When?"
"why do you need that?"
"who told you that you needed it?"

I don't know why, but for some reason the doctors receptionist has the ability to make me lose the ability to speak in audible sentences, and most of the time reduces me to tears over the phone within 5 minutes.

Fortunately the 3 times I tried to book the appointment and failed I was feeling on top form, was not hormonal, so did not come across as a blubbering wreak. I was however shocked into dumbfoundedness by the audacity of someone who is not medically trained that tries to tell ME that I do not need a vaccination that I have been having for the last 15 years, and that someone who had been training for over 20years in the medical profession told me I needed. Even a quick search on wikipedia (and we all know how accurate that is) will tell you that I need it!

So this week, I found myself opposite the nurse, who, rather than give me the required vaccination took one look at me, telephoned the receptionist and demanded I was immediately referred to see the GP. Turns out the little cough I've had for the last 10 days is a chest infection. I have already taken one course of antibiotics, which clearly did not work, so I am starting my second set of antibiotics in 2 weeks! Oh the joys of having a compromised immunity!

So no pneumonia vaccination after all .... however it would appear that once you get to see the doctor (hard as it may be), you are placed in better favour with the receptionists. I had no trouble booking my return visit next week, and I was able to secure a time convenient to me. No stress, no questioning, no doubting my need for medical attention.

It may be hard to get an appointment to see the GP or nurse, but it turns out once you are in ... you are in.

Friday, 9 April 2010


Little E sure is a charmer at 16 1/2 months. On Monday he said the word "cuddle" for the very first time. He pulled at my heart strings as he walked over to me looking sad saying "cuddle" with his arms reaching up towards me. He had just trodden on his cousin for the countless time and made her cry (again for the countless time). Suddenly he realised he had done something to upset her, so he came over to the Mummy for comfort.

A few days later and he has already calculated the power of the "cuddle". Tonight, whilst he was half way through his night time bottle of milk, in front of his Bonne Maman and Great Aunty from Paris visiting for a few days, he stopped, lent over Great Aunt Paris reaching out his arms to me saying "cuddle". Of course I lent across Great Aunt Paris from the other side and we had our special moment (while squashed Great Aunt Paris offered to move). Little E then finished his bottle, had giggles and tickles with the Daddy, before once again asking for more "cuddle" from the Mummy.

Little E insisted on more "cuddle" with the Mummy, until the Daddy prized him away to give night night kisses all round before retiring to his bed to play with his toys before finally falling asleep about 8.30pm!

Sooooo majorly cute. Little E knows how to work his magic on the Mummy!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Attack of the foam letters

Wednesday April 7th

Yesterday I called in sick. This was not a great move after the Easter Bank holiday week, and I know it will be logged as suspicious on HR files, however I did not have much choice after waking up with a temperature of 38 with a full on fever, feeling sick, a cough to rival a 40 a day smoker and a banging head. My attempt to take some pain relief and antibiotics failed as I promptly threw up (thank goodness for the bucket next to the bed ... I felt nauseous when I went to bed the previous night).

After a whole morning snoozing in bed, I dragged myself downstairs to the sofa to spend the rest of the day snoozing to the fabulous "High Society" and then in contrast a very poor Five US film about a woman who discovered her husband had been living a double life after going AWOL for the past 5 years. Oh the joy of daytime movies!

I was trying to summoned the strength to driven the 2 miles to collect Little E from the childminders. I had already texted my Fabulous Boyfriend to tell him I would collect Little E if he could leave work on time so he could be home early to give Little E some tea. I was not yet ready to sit upright, let alone handle food after the morning incident of sickness! Whilst I was psyching myself up for the short drive, my mobile rang. My childminder was calling to tell me that she would drive my Little E home for me, the offer was so generous and thoughtful, and I was so emotional after feeling so poorly all day I shed a tear (or two). I can not believe how lucky we are to have found such a great childminder. She constantly goes out of her way to care for Little E, to keep him happy, and never complains that we are constantly late picking him up.

After a long day of feeling shockingly poorly, Little E never fails to cheer me up. He refused to go for his bath without me, so I dragged myself upstairs, tidied his room quickly and prepared it for his night night time. While Little E was enjoying fun in the bath with his Daddy my Fabulous Boyfriend I lay on the bathroom floor resting. Once Little E noticed I was there, a little hand shot up, followed my a little scream and a bombardment of foam letters. I was under attack. As fast as I could throw them back, more wet letters kept coming, occasionally followed by a little head bobbing up to check his aim, but always followed by a little scream. By the time Little E had finished his fun, I was pretty well soaked!!

Afterward my Fabulous Boyfriend made me some egg fried rice for dinner (my first meal of the day, which stayed down), and we went to bed for more snoozing.