Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Any Twinges Yet???

With only 4 days to go until my due date, THE question has started.

Any twinges yet?

The midwife looked disappointed yesterday that nothing had happened. No twinges, no show. I left with a gentle wave, and the news that I would now not be seeing them until after the baby is born. My next schedule appointment is with the consultant at 40weeks + 6 days so all I have to do now is put my feet up and rest. The midwife advised I may not make it that long .... only Baby can decide that I said.

The Daddy got a little spooked last night after I explained what 3/5 engaged meant, and updated him on what the midwife told me. I was feeling quite uncomfortable after wearing myself out vacuuming half the living room (we live in a small terrace). Baby no.2 was prodding and poking me in places he should not, and I had eaten a very large dinner. My tummy was aching, and the braxton hicks were on full form.

I may have thought the twinges were starting, however I could feel a small popping sensation at the top of my rather large belly. "I think it is wind" I said.

After another hour of this, The Daddy kept asking if I was sure I was OK, and maybe I should text the childminder to warn her something may be happening. "Ummm, no ... " I said pausing for a moment, "oooh, definitely wind!" and finally the pressure started to ease.

Pregnancy ... so dignified!