Saturday, 26 September 2009

Baby E and his Daddy dancing to the music at the Leeds Festival.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Mud Mud Mud

There is no doubt we had an amazing time at the Leeds festival with Baby E. There were however moments that were a little tricky. On the last day the rain started. We knew it was forecast after weeks of reading weather predictions and were armed with waterproofs, pushchair covers, tent and groundsheet. We considered ourselves lucky that whenever it rained Baby E was asleep. We were able to avoid a wet cold Baby E. We were very happy and confident we could live the festival life with ease come rain or shine.

It was only when we came to leave that we realised just how muddy the rest of the festival ground had become. My Fabulous Boyfriend laughed at me every time I made a comment about it being a 'nightmare in the mud'. My Fabulous Boyfriend correctly pointed out that I was not the one carrying a heavy rucksack on my back while pushing a pushchair through the mud at the same time as being jostled by merry festival folk.

We were helped out by one lovely security man who escorted us through service road that relieved us from the crowd and mud for a very short time. Sadly this was not to be repeated on the long 1 1/2 hour walk back to the car from the main arena!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Baby e is a festival baby!

It seems complete madness now to think we took baby e to the leeds festival. Despite this reservation after the event we had a fantastic time and baby e loved every minute of it. We bought tickets for saturdayand sunday with an overnight stay in a hotel close to the site.

Baby e was the model festival baby wearing his ear defenders and dancing along to the tunes. He loved interacting with all the happy festival folk who wanted to take his photo, give him cuddles or play boo!

Baby e was happy crawling around chasing blue bottle tops, pulling up grass and attempting to eat everything within his reach. Thankfully we were always watching to prevent anything reaching his mouth.

When it was nap time baby e would tell us he wanted to lie in his pushchair where he calmly slept while we rocked him gently.

The weekend was every bit as easy as being at home. We are already planning to visit another festival next year with baby e. Perhaps this time we will give camping a go as well!