Friday, 5 February 2010

What happens when u ask a toddler a question?

Little e is getting very skilled at his language. He as starting to repeat words and answer questions.

This weekend, instead of asking little e wait a cow says or what a dog says, we thought it would be amusing to ask him what mummy or daddy say.

The conversation went a little like this ...

mummy : little e, what does mummy say?
little e: moo
mummy :what does daddy say?
little e: ooh ooh ah ah
mummy : and what does little e say?
little e : ooh ooh ah ah

whilst i am obviously proud and slightly in awe that little e know that mummy is different from daddy, and that little e is the same as daddy (i.e. They are both boys and i am not), i'm not sure how to take being the cow in the relationship!