Monday, 31 January 2011

Baby No.2 ... What to pack in my hospital bag???

Baby No.2 is just days away from being born! I am now in week 4 of my maternity leave, and completed the task of hospital bags last week.

I feel a small sense of triumph that my hospital bags are packed and in the car waiting for THE big event.

I use the plural 'bags' because there are four in total.

1. Food bad. This was the first bag to be packed (I know my priorities). Food bag contains cereal bars, chocolate, water, crisps, fruit pots, nuts ... and so on to keep my energy levels up during labour, and for however long afterwards that I may be staying in hospital.

2. Baby Bag. I finished packing this bag next and it contains
6 Vests
6 Sleep Suits
Nappies (Nature Baby)
2 pairs socks
2 hats
4 Muslins
1 Bag Cotton Wool
1 Going Home Outfit
1 Snow Suit

3. The Mummy Bag. Finally last week, I finished the mummy bag (part a) which contains all the things I need for labour and immediately after. It contains
Slipper Socks
Lip Balm - for the Daddy to apply whilst I am using Gas and Air
Tens Machine
Mini Toiletries (Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, hand cream, moisturiser, face wipes)
2 Maternity Bras
2 Pairs washable Breast Pads
PJ's, which I intend to live in for at least one month after the birth
Toothbrush, Toothpaste
Pants, pants and more pants (disposable, and a new multi pack from George which was a bargain £3.50 for 5)
Maternity Pads
Book (never going to get read)
Pen and notepad - to make notes of contractions, feeding times etc.

4. The Mummy Bag. (part b). With things I may need if I am staying in over night or longer. It contains
2 sets of PJ's
More pants!
More Maternity Pads
Portable DVD player and DVDs

Now I can relax and know that everything is organised, and all I have to do is wait until the time is right for Baby No.2 to make an appearance.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Heart melting moment

After watching the first episode of a new cbeebies programme "charlie bear" for the fifth time in a row, Little E turned to the Mummy and said,

"Mummy build rocket like charlie bear to go to moon?"

Well, I could not move fast enough to build Little E his first rocket (out of the new version of stickle bricks). I smiled with delight as he ran round he room zooming to the moon.