Thursday, 20 August 2009

Baby e's new words

The time has come to keep a check on our language. Baby e is adding new words to his vocabulary every week and it can only be a matter of time before he starts to copy everything we say.

Every evening baby e counts the minutes until he has his bath. It is one of his favorite activities of the day, and he will happily stay in the bath playing for up to an hour!

But how do we know he loves it so much?

Asside from the excited screaming as the bath is being filled, and the climbing up the side of the bath in eagerness to get in we have more clues. Last night after baby e finshed his dinner, he crawled from the kitchen, through the dining room, up 10steps on the stairs (supervised but not helped by me of course) saying "ba ba ba" over and over again.

Baby e was beaten after 10steps, however it will not be long before he can climb them all and probably into the bath as well! Stair gates at the ready! Here we go!